Coronavirus is transmitted through clothes or not?

A very frequent question?

Coronavirus is transmitted through clothes or not? And he keeps waking up to the paper money? And if it comes down to the body of an animal like a cat or dog, it will still be sober over the skin of an animal? Ok does he stay awake on the roof? And eh’s feet?

Part of the answers I used to know from studies before, like he is still awake on stainless steel surfaces and cartoon, but the detailed answers in particular for clothes, money paper, animal skin and meat outside the fridge or inside the fridge were not known until I did the study This is from the US Department of Defense

Title of Study:

Studying the vital stability of the Coronavirus on skin, money and clothes

Modeling the Stability of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) on Skin, Currency, and Clothing

In the study, samples of new bank paper, polyester cloth and animal skin (pig) were exposed

We knew, but we are not sure that the virus can be transmitted through money and clothes and preferably on the skin, but it was not known to have a verse and at any temperature and is there the effect of heat and cold on the vitality of the virus on these surfaces

We knew that he was still awake on the hands and the hands could move it to the nose and we should wash it every while but also he wasn’t known to keep his feet awake on the hands and not known the degree of moving through clothes or speed

The study used coronavirus live and landed it on 4 surfaces:

1-animal skin (pig) after hair removal

2-Your new banknott paper is out of the interest of the currency instrument that did not trade in the dollar category

Installation of 25 % kanan and 75 % cotton with blue and red secret ink

3-Your new banknott paper is out of the interest of the currency instrument not traded in the $ 20 category

Installation of 25 % kanan and 75 % cotton with blue and red secret ink

4-new unused cloth 35 % cotton and 65 % polyester

3 copies of the four surfaces have been made and the virus has been placed on them and every copy in the nursery has been dropped at 3 different temperatures

First edition temperature 4 m

The second edition is 22 degrees

Third edition temperature 37 m

The vitality of the virus has been tested after:

0 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, 72 hours, 7 days, 14 days


4 degrees:

Coronavirus preferred sober over the skin at 4 degrees for two weeks (for the last experience)

And he stayed awake on dollar banknotes and $ 20 for a week at 4 pm but died in two weeks

22 degrees:

The virus preferred sober over the skin in 22 degrees 96 hours and then it died

In 22 degrees, he stayed awake on the banknot paper, a dollar class, only 8 hours and died

At 22 degrees, I preferred sober on the $ 20 dollar bill, 24 hours

In 22 degrees, the virus preferred to be awake for only 4 hours and died afterwards

37 degrees (body temperature):

The virus preferred sober over the skin only for 8 hours and died at normal body temperature

Stay awake for clothes only 4 hours at 37 pm

And he kept sober on the dollar bill for only 4 hours at 37 m but lasted 8 hours at the same temperature on the $ 20 bill


The virus remains sober on the skin longer than any of the other three surfaces in all temperatures

Differences between other surfaces except the skin were not too big

Study has shown that cooling helps the virus, preferably sober than skin for two weeks, but increasing temperature leads to accelerating death of the virus on surfaces

The study has shown that the virus is still alive over skin, clothes and banknot paper, and thus can cause an infection and that its vitality is inversely proportionate to temperature

This shows the importance of washing hands to prevent the transmission of the virus from the skin of the hands to the face, especially that there is a study on medical students that noticed that the student touches his appetite 23 times an hour

Study used pig skin because it is close to human skin

The study also shows that if the virus infected meat or chicken, then I entered the freezer, it may be better for two weeks and maybe more (the period of school was only two weeks)

That’s why automatic massacres and places of slaughter of animals and chickens must take into account maximum precision and control to prevent infection from the butcher, whether it has symptoms or not to meat

And it really happened that a large altar in Germany was completely polluted and they locked it down

Previous studies have shown that the virus remains alive on plastic, cartoon, and stainless steel hours for days