Covid 19 has now started making India's rural areas as their next soft target where ill equipped PHCs

After hitting the major cities, Covid 19 has now started making India’s rural areas as their next soft target where ill equipped PHCs are the only source of healthcare amidst this disastrous pandemic. Further the lack of awareness, prevailing superstitions and the socializing lifestyle can create havoc by spreading the virus like a chain reaction.

So let’s join our hands together and make the best use of our knowledge in providing teleconsultation services to the people of our country, especially the ones staying in the rural areas.

This is a wonderful opportunity to serve from the comfort of our homes.

Our aim will be to:

  1. Provide home care advice regarding home isolation for mild covid cases

2)To identify danger signs and refer them to higher centers

3)Try to catch up patients early so as to reduce the conversion rate of mild disease to its moderate/ severe forms which require intervention

4)Decrease hospital visits for minor health ailments in turn decreasing the transmission

5)Advice proper health practices to curtail the transmission of the virus

You can make a big difference just by setting aside an hour/ day.

We are all volunteers for now and not expecting anyone to pay us - our common goal and reward will be India free from Covid 19!

We would try to keep a few sessions where we can discuss and just get an idea regarding the recent guidelines

Even if you are a medical student and not a graduate, we can still find ways in which you can help!