Currently I am on Tier-4 visa for masters degree

Currently I am on Tier-4 visa for masters degree. Beside Msc I have done PLAB-1 at June and now I am not getting seat for PLAB-2 due to COVID-19. My visa will expire at next 9th of February. My question is, if I get PLAB-2 seat at next February (after 9th), do I need to extend the visa or I can appear at the exam and leave UK? Will it be a problem for me later when I will apply for Tier-2 health and care visa? If I need to extend my visa for 1-2 month , what is the procedure and cost? Thanks in advance.

U need to get another Visa…I dnt think they will extend tier 4 for plab2. In that case, u have to go back and apply for visit Visa for plab 2.

Keep an eye on plab2 dates for 2021…they will release…email GMC and explain ur situation and ask when new plab2 dates will be released so u keep urself alert for quick booking for January