Dams Vizag is the biggest scam ever

Dams Vizag is the biggest scam ever. They have started live classes in Vizag and they assured us that they will be there till the end. After we joined the 2 year course, they left Vizag, with out even completing 8 months. My sister attended only one live class and they didn’t even cover the material in first year. They suddenly left Vizag. Now when we ask for a refund, they reply that we attended a class so they can’t refund. Dams employees are not responding to our calls and I am openly saying that DAMS IS THE BIGGEST EVER SCAM.

It’s all Business Bro!!

Contact directly with Sumer Setti sir or Deepti mam or Tushar Sir

Once in 2018 we face a situation regarding Dams Kolkata…

We missed a class due to exam and dams kolkata was not allowing us to attend the class

After we dm to mam and sir they responded and took a special class in Kolkata for the left out