Day 10 there is

  1. Day 10 there is. July 2563 (status at 15.00 pm ) France has a total of covid-19 infected patients (1,784 increase 372 people). There are 86 sick and 33 Dead (8 increase.
    19 men, 14 women, 23 dead, over 75 years old or complications) and still level of viral epidemic level 2 by the most patients include corse, GRAND EST, Bourgogne Franche-Comté, les hauts de France, île de France, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

  2. on the evening of 10 there is. July 2563 French President announced the press after video conference with all 27 EU leaders and the president. European commission and president European Central Bank in case of covid-19 viral epidemic crisis that the EU has agreed to perform both public health and economic aspects as follows.

2.1 public health

  • there will be better coordination between the minister. The Police. Of all countries and European commissioners. Daily Information will be discussed on the number of infected patients and measures of each country.
  • Stock Management, hygienic masks and ventilator to be adequately and thoroughly in Europe.
  • decision making measures of political division are based on scientific facts.
  • budget of 100 million euros to accelerate research, rare and anti-virus vaccine covid-19

2.2 economic side

  • France has already had private sector assistance measures affected by viral epidemic and other measures will continue to provide assistance to the private sector in aviation, tourism and trade.
  • EU level, let’s be more flexible to respite some rules such as cuddle state assistance to private sector / budget restrictions / and aviation rules.

This is the president. Good night. Disagreement with Austria and Slovenia border closure measures against Italy

  1. The Commissioner of the French Department of public health wishes those who have illness to take a break and stay at home even if there are few symptoms and as allowed private lab room to check covid-19 virus infection from 8 there is. July 2563 (earlier, you can be done at the hospital. Only cuddle states) are ordering agent submission. Take a sample at the shelter to prevent infecting others.

  2. Viral epidemic has a huge impact on transportation business (bus, trains and aircraft). For Air France, there are 70 percent of ticket reserves and some flights have only 30-50 percent of passengers expected to lose at least 200 A million euros and for flights to Italy, air France is currently still 1 flights a day for each current flight city so that passengers can prepare before suspended flights to Italy between 14 Mar. July - 3 APR Sep 2563

  3. Recreation, culture and sports activities in France have affected many items such as Madonna concert in Paris on 10 and 11 Mar. July CANCELED AND LIGUE 1 AND LIGUE 2 Football. All pairs are ordered to compete without watching on the field until 15 Apr. Oh, my God. This is a tree

  4. Minister The French fiscal economy has announced that the French economy will be heavily affected by the covid-19 viral epidemic crisis. It will result in economic growth rate in 2563 per cent and will affect employment in France. So I wish. Society shows compassion for each other, such as commercial building renters to respite rent and calls for reprieve the rules of yu, which require airlines to fly at least 80 percent to maintain time slot of flying as there are currently flying airlines. Empty aircraft just to not lose time slot quota and have announced measures to help the French private sector as follows.

  • extended payment period, contribute to social security and or tax.
  • in case the company has a lot of economic problems, it may be considered a tax refund as a case.
  • government and National Banks will negotiate loan repayment with bank lenders.
  • Bpifrance Bank (cuddle state investment bank) is ready to lend short-term loan to enterprise.
  • reducing the process of allowing employees to suspension, still receive compensation to prevent dismissal.
  • help mediate dispute between company and customers
  • in private companies contracts with government, the covid-19 virus epidemic is a case of force majure, so the company will not be charged in case of delivery / delayed service.