Day 8 there is. July 2563 (status at 15.00 pm )

  1. Day 8 there is. July 2563 (status at 15.00 pm ) France has a total of covid-19 infected patients (1,126 added 177 people) 19 dead.

  2. Minister The Police. France has announced a summary of the situation as follows.

2.1 National Defense Council meeting today has been discussed dealing with viral epidemic in all dimensions. The Government continues the epidemic level 2

2.2 Anti-epidemic measures will be considered different in each area and as necessary.

2.3 measures have been scheduled for all over the country:

  • no congregation with more than 1,000 participants by the official of the dream. To announce which assembly can still be carried out (necessary assembly such as transit)
  • I will announce the minister. The Police. To make long-distance medical consultations more convenient and stop limiting the number of overtime hours of medical personnel.
  1. In addition, all nursery and schools have been announced in ajaccio, corse for 2 weeks from Monday 9th. Jul 2563