Dear NEET PG aspirants

Dear NEET PG aspirants
A lot of information about next and future of neet has surfaced in social media and has causer wide spread panic among thr aspirants.

Dear aspirants few of representative attended the meeting called by MCI (BOG) at ICMR last Saturday and efforts were taken to clear the air about the exam.( i haven’t attended the meeting so relying on information being circulated around).

It is but obvious that we all have apprehension about the upcoming exam, pattern and outcomes. Please it will be very immature to vaguely guess something based on unofficial social media information.
Real conclusion could be drawn once official notification with adequate information is shared. Please whosoever is preparing continue your efforts as per the new exam pattern we all observed in latest NEET PG.

Post interns and already graduate should see it as NEET PG with change in question pattern probably advancements more like clinically oriented AIIMS pattern.
There is no point making assumption, losing your calm over assumption and hamper your preparation in turn.

About 2016/2017 ug batches we shall wait for some times since the new body has representative from various institutes and trustable information will likely be circulated.
Sadly we have to rely in administration to come up with information and then only it could be assessed after deliberation.

My best wishes for all the aspirants for upcoming mid year exams, dreaded counselling for this session and NEET 2021.