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MY FOUR YEAR LONG JOURNEY OF THE STRUGGLE TO LOWER MY FASTING BLOOD SUGAR - JOURNEY FROM ALMOST BECOMING A DIABETIC TO FASTING BLOOD SUGAR OF 75 - UNDERSTANDING THE ZONE PHENOMENON OF FASTING BLOOD SUGAR - REST AND HYDRATION IS AS IMPORTANT AS EXERCISE - GOOD PROTEIN INTAKE IS ESSENTIAL - BE CONSISTENT, AVOID GAPS IN EXERCISES, MAINTAIN THE MOMENTUM 👍 - Somewhere in 2017 in delhi i decided to measure my fasting blood sugar on regular basis, but as human nature is i gradually became inconsistent with it and gave up, at that time my blood sugar ranged from 87 to 90, after around 5 to 6 months one fine morning i just randomly decided to take my fasting blood sugar and it came 128, it was just a rude shock how come it can be so high, then i started thinking about all the chocolates i ate during Kerala trip all the weight i have gained despite going to gym, i decided to increase intensity of my exercises and increase distance of walking, next i day i walked around 8 km but blood sugar was in 126 plus only, i was contemplating of starting drugs since i have diabetogenic genes inherited from my mother, but then i decided to give weight loss a try, went for 13 hours intermittent fasting and half an hour on treadmill with speed of 7.5, later i started walking around our society for1.5 - 2 hours around 8 -10 kms, what i observed that as i lost weight even fasting blood sugar came down, not exactly in strictly linear fashion but it did came down, one thing i observed that even with all its fluctuations fasting blood sugar tends to follow and stay in some zones like once my fasting blood sugar was 126 + it was tough to bring it down to say 115 not matter how severe exercise you do, but once i brought my blood sugar to 75 it was possible to achieve 75 repeatedly relatively easily with the same amount of exercise, one more thing i observed that rest and hydration is as important as exercise, a chronically stressed out and dehydrated body with high cortisol levels can never reduce it’s fasting blood sugar level, so minimum 7- 8 hours of sleep, at least 5 liters of water per day is required for lowering blood sugar levels, one more thing i observed protein is essential for proper weight loss, please do allow some chicken and eggs in your diet, i have personally found chicken very helpful in weight loss thanks to my daily weight recordings, and one more thing be consistent with your exercises, maintain the momentum of exercises, once you start taking gaps, taking gaps becomes a habit and gradually these gaps become longer sometimes leading to leaving the good habit altogether, so please be consistent once you start the exercises maintain the momentum