Deep perineal pouch in males – Anatomy MCQ

Deep perineal pouch in males does not include?
A. Pudendal nerve
B. Sphincter urethrae
C. Long perineal nerve
D. Dorsal nerve of penis

Correct answer : C. Long perineal nerve
deep perineal pouchCoronal section of pelvis. Deep perineal pouch is located between the superior and inferior layers of the urogenital diaphragm.

Long perineal nerve is located in the superficial perineal pouch.

Contents of deep perineal pouch in males:
Muscles – Sphincter urethrae, Deep transversus perinei.
Nerves – Dorsal nerve of penis, muscular branch from perineal nerve.
Vessels – Deep and dorsal arteries of penis, stem of origin of artery to the bulb of penis, urethral artery.

Ref: Human Anatomy, B. D. Chaurasia, 4th ed, Vol 2, page 335.