Definition of community health provider


  1. Definition of community health provider is ““Such person connected with modern scientific medical profession who qualift the criteria as prescribed my regulations””?
    -Who all are connected with modern scientific medical profession - nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, other technical staff, anganawadi workers, ASHA or anyother personnel??
    -Not even a single point on what the regulations will be in the bill and you doctor are confidently saying that this wont affect us…
    -What sort of basic training they are going to give?
    Training you and me sir to prescribe took 5 and half years of rigorous training and even then we are still learning
    -Will they start a new course, a new curriculum, a new qualification exam, validity period, regulatory body ??

2."“The number of community health providers will not exceed one third of total number of licensed practitioners”""
So this gives as a rough estimate of how many people they are going to label as CHPs… considering that total number of doctors is over 10lakh roughly 3.3 lakh CHPs… Aree waah deficiency of doctors solved with a master stroke…
Sir do you seriously think giving rougly near to half a million personnel the legal validation for practising quackery is the valid soution for india’s problem.
3. Some say alternate treatment modalities have curriculum similar to us…( i know Bridge course clause has been scrapped but another vague CHP term was introduced right)
If thats the case then why dont govt convert them to modern medicine colleges then… Or the govt is indirectly referring to the incapability of alternate systems of medicine to properly take care of patients without modern medicines help… the why call them a form of medicine at all… If thats the case then it is a tremendous injustice fron the part of ruling body to allow these systems to continue

  1. “”“The Community Health Provider may prescribe specified medicine independently, only in primary and preventive healthcare, but in cases other than primary and preventive healthcare, he may prescribe medicine only under the supervision of medical practitioners”""
    At first it may sound ok…
    Read read and read again…
    -Primary and preventive care where does the line end…
    -Is it just analgesics antipyretics,
  • will it extend to antibiotics
  • will it extend to minor suturing
  • will it extend to minor cyst excision
    -will it extend to ulcer care
  • will it extend to include putting slabs and cast
  • will it extend to dose titration for hypertensive and diabetes patients
  • will they cater to pediatric population also
  1. Regarding The increase in prescription power under supervision
    What is the line there…
    How much does it increase.
    -how many CHPs can be supervised by a single practitioner
  • can they do procedures under supervision
    -will the legal responsibility lies with the CHPs or the practitioner
  • Will they inform patients that CHP are treating and not practitioners
    -Can private hospitals employ CHPs showing that they lack adequate work force
  1. On other side they are planning to implement NEXT
  • Roughly 1.4 lakh doctors wrote neet pg last year… only 75k qualified… rest 65k didnt qualify …If next comes since it is a registration exam this 65k doctors would not get degree and will be left with only 12th standard degree and such a huge number 65k med students will not be added to the doctor force of country…
    So legally they couldn’t even prescribe a paracetamol…
    So they will be preparing for another year to qualify and be a doctor.
    On the other side CHPs can go around providing primary and preventive care without going through anything

The bill assures to improve and assure quality in health care yet it is so contradictory and vague within its pages and this will drain every modern medical practitioners blood and sweat which they have shed for this noble profession