Diabetes patients eat guava every time

Diabetes patients eat guava every time.

Guava is a fruit that besides its beautiful taste is also known as a rich source of vitamins and minerals, which help in preventing several diseases, diabetics do not eat guava because of its sweetness.

Guava is the best fruit for controlling or controlling high blood pressure, it does not raise blood pressure, but scientists say that guava is a good fruit for diabetics, because it does not increase sugar level in the blood, sugar is such a chronic disease. This is where blood sugar rises from time to time.

Guava has a lot of health benefits, besides controlling high blood pressure, it also helps to improve digestion, if looked at, then only digestion can save human from many diseases.

FIBER: In general diabetics suffer from constipation, and guava is a very effective fruit in eliminating constipation, the fiber in guava prevents sugar levels from rising.

Vitamin C Lycopene & Antioxidants: Vitamin C lycopene and anti-oxidants in guava are widely found, containing much less sugar than other fruits.

Calories: Guava is a fruit with very low calories, there are only 5 calories from 10 grams of guava, which is not threatening for diabetes, and it is proven to be good for diabetics.

Besides guava, there are many other vitamins that keep the body healthy, it is useful for heart disease, digestive system, anemia and constipation.

Guava leaves aren’t useless either; the yam fruit tree bark leaves can cleanse the way from the bladder to the bladder.