Difference between Epidural hematoma & Subdural hematoma in elderly?

In epidural there will be ‘lemon’ shaped lesion on CT with associated hx of any trauma & having feature of lucid interval!
On subdural there will be hx of alcohol or suddenly fall associated with ‘banana’ shaped lesion on CT with hx of fluctuating consciousness!

A 55 year old chronic alcoholic with known hepatic cirrhosis has been on a heavy bout of alcohol the night before and was brought home by friends after falling several times in the pub. While being taken up the stairs to his bedroom he falls down the flight of 5 steps but sustains no
obvious injuiry. His wife calls the ED the next day because she could not rouse him in the morning. He is brought in in a comatose state and both pupils appear dilated. Skull vault XR appears normal.
a. Hepatic encephalopathy
b. Intracerebral hematoma
c. Brain stem injury
d. Extradural hematoma
e. Chronic subdural hemorrhage
f. Despressed skull fracture
g. Vertibrobasilar ischemia
h. Acute subdural hematoma
i. SAH (sub arachnoid hemorrhage)
j. Severe migraine attack