Dirt collar or grease collar is seen in:

Dirt collar or grease collar is seen in:
a) Punctured wound by sharp weapon
b) Lacerated wound
c) Firearm entry wound
d) Stab wound
e) None
Correct Answer - C
Ans. Firearm entry wound
Smudge ring/Lead ring/Grease collar/Dirt collar
This is due to the wipe of the soft metal of the bullet, or dirt present
on it, or grease carried from the barrel & is deposited round the
entrance wound internal to the abraded collar
The smudge ring may therefore be absent when the jacketed bullet
has passed through clothing
The smudging in case of lead shot or unjacketed bullets can
be detected microchemically on the target (skin/cloth)
The forensic value of bullet wipe is to establish a hole as a bullet
hole, to determine the entry site, & on occasion the sequence of
shots or bullet’s passage through multiple objects.