DNB CET DEC 2009 QUESTIONS continous

oxytocin antagonist?? ans- atosiban

mikulicz cells n russell bodies seen in?? ans- rhinoscleroma

a person laughs to a joke, then suddenly loses tone of all muscles, diagnosis is? ans- cataPLEXY (not catalepsy)

takayasu disease common in? ans- coeliac axis> coronaries

"siffert katz" sign see in?? ans- blounts disease

thrombocytopenia + eczema + immunodeficiency?? ans- wiskott aldrich

marble bone disease?? ans- Osteopetrosis

"nutmeg liver" seen in?? ans- CVC

which drug can cause thorid dysfunction? ans- Amiodarone

vibrio parahemolyticus seen in undercooked?? ans- shellfish

chalazion all are true except?? ans- incision is made horizontally on eyelid

common cause of death in PDA? ans- cardiac failure

dying declaration is under? ans- sec 32 IEA

Uveoparotitis seen in?? Ans- sarcoidosis

Kawasaki disease all are true except? Ans- suppurative lymphadenitis

enlargememnt of pituitary tumor after adrenalectomy is called?? ans- Nelson s syndrome

Niemann pick disease deficiency of enzyme? Ans- Sphingomyelinase

Most abundant extracellular ion? ans- sodium

Misoprostol is analogue of ?? Ans- PGE1

ecthyma gangrenosum caused by?? Ans- Pseudomonas

Melanoma staging according to which classification?? Ans- Clark's

All drain into coronary sinus except? Ans- Anterior cardiac veins

Pain in breast cancer is due to infiltration of ? Ans- Inercostobrachial nerve

Rituximab is antibody against? Ans- CD20

all hav beta lactam ring except? Ans- Linezolid

anti transglutaminase antibodies seen in?? Ans- Coeliac disease

anti RNA antibodies seen in?? Ans- SLE

Raynaud phenomenon seen in all except? Ans- Juvenile arthritis

Which artery can be felt at anterior border of masseter?? Ans- Facial A.

Lateral Medullary syndrome? Ans- Posterior inferion cerebellar artery

most lateral cerebellar nucleus? Ans- Dentate

Length of External auditory canal? Ans- 24 mm 

following is the feature of schizophrenia…?

  1. it is the disorder of thinking
  2. it is spit personality
  3. it is due to emotional termile

ans is … 1. disorder of thought

which is th typical intercoastal nerve…?

  1. 1st
  2. 2nd.
  3. 3rd
  4. 7th.

what is defination of blindness according to who…?

  1. 1/60
  2. 3/60
  3. 6/60
  4. ??

contents of adductor canal all except…?

  1. femoral artery

  2. femoral vein

  3. popliteal artery

  4. nerve to vastus medialis

    heart failure cells stained by?

    vitreous is a dervative of?

    baby starts speaking sentence of few words at what age?

    interferon gamma secreted by?

    if the myopic power of eye is 1 dioptre and near vision point is 10 cm,then what is the power of accomodation?

    basis of division of anatomical segments of liver?

    most common site of spontaneous esophagous rupture?

    most common site of lodgement of foreign body in esophagous?

    post b/l adrenalectomy what syndrome occurs?

    satellite leison is seen in which eye ulcer?

    drug used in ovarian carcinoma?

    adriamycin toxicity is most specific in?

    when a drug binds to the receptor and causes action opposite to that of agonist it is called ?

    1. antagonist
    2. agonist
    3. inverse agonist …answer

    a person presents with tense with haemorrhagih fluid and blister is at dermoepidermal junction diagnosis is ?

    1. pemphigoid …ans
    2. pemphigus vulgaris
      not able to recall other options sorry

    which of the following is not a bronchodialator ?

    1. b2 agonist
    2. methyxanthines
    3. steroids
    4. anticholinergic
      ipratropium is anticholinergic and is broncho dialator
      methylwanthine eg deriphylline which is bronchodialator
      b2 agonist is bronchodialator
      so the answer is steroid

    what is not found in hypothyroidism ?

    1. low t3
    2. high triglycerids
    3. low cholestrol
      in bhatia we were taught that hypothyroidism causes sec dyslipidemia and it is the one of the few sec dyslipidemias where the first lipid level to rise is cholestrol

    which of the following does not cause pulmonary htn?
    1.sickle cell anemia
    2. fenfluramine
    aleveolar hypovetilation is associated with pulmonary htn so i guess the answer shoud be hyperventilation