DNB ortho >DNB Medicine >MS Gen surgery

How is MS Gen Surgery as a branch…scope, earning wise,…MS Gen Surgery at govt college or DNB ortho or DNB medicine which is better for someone who wants to settle down early

Tino me faily okay money hai
No ealry settlement in either of them . Would need do superspeciality if you wana settle in metro city.
Dnb medicine >ms surgery>dnb surgery

Why DNB medicine better than MS Gen Surgery?

Private practice in surgical branches is late generally
And medicine me 3 year srship even would give you enough exposure and patient load to settle

Why people prefer ortho over Gen Surgery…? Is it simply because of super specialization reqd in surgery…but in ortho also u need fellowship which is 1 to 2 yrs…

Moreover ortho being a end branch saturation is there also for ortho operation huge setup required

DNB ortho >DNB Medicine >MS Gen surgery