Do ask any questions that would help in further understanding

Hello everyone. I am throwing this out here if someone can enlighten me on what to do.
I obtained my degree in 2012, but didn’t do any paid work in any clinical capacity until 2018 till present. I did a pre-graduate internship which covered the GMC required minimum of 3months in Medicine in a 12 month period, but the time in Surgery was less than 3 weeks short of the required minimum.
In 2017, i worked in a volunteer capacity in a GP practice for 10months, though i didn’t have a license to practice in that country as it was not required for volunteering. I also did an observership in Psychiatry as well for 6-7 months in the same year. Got a job in Psych now and been working since Feb 2018.
I applied for GMC registration, this was passed on to the registrar who refused it stating my experience didn’t follow the pattern A or B guidelines for granting a license.
The options ahead of me now are,

  1. to get further experience up to 2 years which would include three months of surgery or
  2. as per the GMC apply for a provisional license to practise.
    Now my questions are:
  3. Would it be sensible to appeal this decision seeing clearly there might not be grounds for it (Registrar noted a strong evidence of CPD in the past years plus positive reports from 5 different Consultants i had worked with)
  4. Would waiting out for another 1.5 years result in re-taking the PLAB exams?
  5. Does a provisional license mean compulsorily going through the foundation course? missed this year’s deadline already.
    Do ask any questions that would help in further understanding