Do nothing and do fresh choice filling in R2

  1. Do nothing and do fresh choice filling in R2

  2. Do nothing and re register n pay again for next round

  3. Out of councelling, pay the bond penalty (for eg. 20 L in Karnataka) and prepare for next NEET PG attempt

1)first round suppose you are allotted radio lhmc you dont want it and want to go for round 2 aiq then do nothing just seat and releax no reporting nothing

2)first aiq r2 will happen

you get what you want report join enjoy

if not satisfied dont report your money will be forfeited

then state round2 will happen

if you get what you want

enjoy not then dont report

money will be forfeited

3)if you get a seat suppose rajasthan you reported and did not resigned timely

then you cant participate in further rounds and stuck with the seat if you dont wish to continue you have to pay seat leaving penalty raj5lakh different state different clause