Do people ever adjust to living away from family?

Do people ever adjust to living away from family? Since humans are tribal and save for the past couple decades or so, most people lived with kith and kin for a lifetime, do you think living by oneself is detrimental to mental health? What with competition intensifying within healthcare and elsewhere, few get to be with their families and most have to make do with video calls and pining for the company of loved ones. Is a life lived away from loved ones really worth it?

No never.

But if there is no other option then have to stay without loved ones

Whether or not you are with family per se, I do believe that you need to be around genuine, trustworthy, supportive individuals - and that is incredibly hard to find- even within family. I did in my ug days, and my best friend truly just shot up my QOL. And, having a home taken care of truly does help too- you’re bound to be pestered by a lot more chores if you live alone.