Do you have chest pains? Here are 5 explanations why

Do you have chest pains? Here are 5 explanations why

Do you have chest pains? Here are 5 explanations why

Chest pains can have many different causes

Do you have a painful and tight feeling chest? Then there is a big chance that you feel worried about it. It’s completely logical to be worried as a lot of people immediately think of their heart and that something must be wrong with it. There may however be nothing to worry about! Chest pains can also be caused by anxiety or muscle aches for example. We will explain how to recognize the causes of chest pain.

Are you in doubt? Make an appointment with your GP for a check-up.

1. Stomach and esophagus

Do you feel a burning sort of pain in your chest and does it spread to your back? Then you could be suffering from heartburn. This pain can occur just after a meal. You experience heartburn as pain in your chest because it is mostly felt in your esophagus. How do you get rid of this pain? Make sure that, when you’re lying down, your upper body is higher than the rest of your body. This will make the pain subside slowly. So get a few extra pillows to support your back. Additionally you can try drinking a glass of milk, eating a sandwich or taking an antacid to ease the pain.

2. Stress and breathing

Do you have a tight and taut feeling in your chest? Chances are that it is caused by panic or stress. You are probably also very worried about the pain, which makes the chest pain worse! Try to find out where your stress is coming from. Additionally, seek some relaxation and do something to take your mind off things. For example, do something fun with friends, watch a nice movie or talk a walk through the woods.

3. Muscles and ribs

Do you feel a sharp stabbing kind of pain in your chest? Then there is a big chance that the cartilage and the muscles that connect your ribs to your sternum are a bit irritated. You could have something called Tietze Syndrome. This is an innocent and rare condition that makes the cartilage connections between the sternum and ribs feel painful. This will cure itself over time. The stabbing pain can also be caused by other things such as a long-lasting cramped-up posture when you sit behind your laptop or computer.

4. Lungs

Did you notice that you’re a bit short of breath and does this cause you chest pains? The source of the pain could be in your lungs. Is the pain mostly there when you take a really deep breath? Then it is wise to visit your GP to get an examination of your lungs as they can tell you exactly what’s wrong.

5. Heart

Are you suffering from chest pain that doesn’t subside after a period of resting? Then it could be an oxygen deficiency. No need to panic though! It sounds much more serious than it actually is. You could have an oxygen deficiency already after eating a large meal, after physical exercise or when experiencing stress. Take some rest and have a lie down. You will notice that the pain goes away! However, in case the pain does not go away and you start to experience nausea, restlessness or a sweaty feeling, do consult a doctor.