Do you know the secret to strengthening children's bones?

Do you know the secret to strengthening children’s bones?

So keep them physically more mobilized

Want to strengthen your children’s bones? So keep them physically more active, ensure good sleep and don’t let them sit too much.

The talk came out in a medical research in Australia showing the duration of children’s daily routine that helps better improve bone health and functions.

804 children aged 11 to 13 years were involved during this research.

This is the world’s first research found that children need moderate to strict physical activities and sleep while less sitting time strengthens the bones.

Research discovered the ideal balance of children’s activities in a 24-hour span.

According to research, moderate to one and a half hours of strict physical activities such as sports, running around.

Researchers said this discovery brings valuable information to parents and experts.

He said it was already known that children’s activities during 24 hours are very important for their bones health, but we didn’t know the ideal combination of exercise, sleep and sitting time. ۔

According to researchers, we reviewed elements that connect physical activities (mild moderate and strict), sitting time and sleep, and discovered an ideal combination for the day.

He further said that the correctness of physical activities, sleep and sitting duration makes the health of children’s bones, 90 % of the bones volume is completed between 18 to 20 years old and This is why childhood and childhood are so important.

Research shows that taking care of bones health since childhood is key to protection from bones fullness in old age which increases the risk of fracture.

Researchers said research also shows the importance of sleep especially for boys, we always say that proper exercise helps build bones, but proper sleep is also important.

Results proves that sleep is more important for boys than girls for bone health, he said, if knowing the correct balance can help parents improve the bone health of children. Gyi.