Do you want to be healthy even in old age?

Do you want to be healthy even in old age??

There are very few people in old age who spend healthy and dynamic life but now scientists have told one thing that can be found health and long age in old age. According to mail online report. The thing is ‘junk food’, means non-healthy vulgar items. Scientists have told in new research that those who leave the junk food food by reaching 30 years old is also health for more than 60 years Spend and dynamic life
The University of Sạw̉tھ Hampton’s scientists told more in the investigative report that " after 30 years of age, the more grease and vulgar food out of their food and the food achieved from the vegetarians is the use of health and the It is the cause of age the head of the research team professor sy̰ạn rwbnsn used to say " those who use olive oil instead of butter etc in the middle age and instead of meat, fruits and vegetables make their food part of them Health is best even if he is in the age of age