Doc for fetal lung maturity?

Doc for fetal lung maturity?


Betamethasone is preferred over dexa…

Betamethasone bt in India Dexa is preferred( being less costly)

The price of Betamethasone is also very low…arround 4 rupee per 4mg vial…required only 6 vials…12mg 12 hourly in emergency situation…or 12mg 24 hour apart in normal case.@ Saba Latief

Reference Sakhshi Arora Eleventh Edition Ajay Kumar Das sir

Both are equally accented in India…depends upon availability in hospital

Dexamethasone, betamethasone

Betamethasone > Dexamethasone

it such a confusing question in terms of selection in exam to earn marks,while the answer is clear for other countries.

This question now cmmnly discussed and frequently asked…dats the beauty of Grp discussion …

Question doesn’t specify country hence Betamethasone … practically Dexa is used in Indian set up