Doctors and health workers working on the frontline are getting infected with Corona

The number of infected who fell below one hundred daily before the lockdown opened has reached four hundred and lost. In which health workers are also involved. The incident of misbehaviour on the health workers of Narayani Hospital has been worse in Chitwan.
What is the difference, when the slogan was made in Narayani Hospital saying ’ Doctor thief leave the country ', they tried to paste a banner in the doctor’s house saying it is corona infected in Chitwan.
Medical superintendent of Bakulhar Ratnanagar Hospital in Chitwan, Dr. Vishwabandhu Bagale was confirmed with Corona last Monday. Along with her, wife has also seen Corona.
Bagale couple has been confirmed with Corona but no symptoms are seen. That’s why they’ve been on home isolation for the last three days. The son who was together said that they are in separate home isolation after corona negative came.

Dr. Bagale’s experience in his own words
Last Sunday I did a corona test. There were no symptoms. But I was asked to test because I worked on the frontline. Corona was confirmed on Monday evening.
I am in isolation at home after my wife is also confirmed with Corona. Out of nowhere out there. I got a call on Friday at am. Told me to get out.
When I went out, a group of four-five people were ready to paste the banner at my house. Chairman of Ward No. 4 came saying to stick banner under the leadership of Harihar Acharya. The house of corona infected in the banner, isolation house was written something like this. I told them - we are sitting inside the house, we haven’t gone anywhere outside. Why do you guys need this?
They just said to be aware. I’m fine, if you want to stick, stick it. But it makes even more fearful. I said that Corona infection will not stop the spread. I’m safely staying home by myself. It’s nowhere to be dull outside.
This is how I am treated here. There, some health workers of the hospital have not been allowed to enter the room by the housewife.
When I stay safe at home, if people who know the society behave like this, then how will other houses be treated by renting and common people?
We need encouragement at this time. Everyone’s support is needed. But if health workers are treated like this in such a situation, how can they serve with high courage?