Doctors got beaten brutally by mob at BHU. In evening; there was a clash at department of surgery

Yet Again; Doctors got beaten brutally by mob at BHU. In evening; there was a clash at department of surgery, after a distant aunt of a university student(suffering from cholecystitis) was not given bed due to no vacancy.The alleged student of the Birla hostel then came with 15-20 of his class-mates and started abusing and destroying hospital property. In hospital they were over-powered with the help of guards and patients’ attendents; and were sent back (CCTV footage available). These goons then went on to attack doctor sitting in nearby restaurent (10m away from lanka police station) and Beating medical students who were coming out of college and SSH hospital. These goons then went to ruiya hostel; pelted stones there and went on to brutally beat medical students and burn their bikes; 100-150 in total. These people then turned towards dhanwantari hostel. And pelted stones and threw approx 30-40 “petrol bombs”. About 40-50 medical students and resident doctors are critically injured.
Role of administration is still surprising; the proctorial team who were just a spectator in all the event. called police station Lanka; only to get the answer that; they don’t have enough police force. We also called DM; who said that “upar se order nai hai kuch karne ke liye”. Newspaper first time Wrote; slightly in favour of doctor. But news channel are showing absolute filth. NoT a single person will stand for us. Police is diluting the matter. They came 5 in the morning when everything got over; when we protested they did lathicharge on us… 40-50 of us are injured. And best of all we were asked to vacate all our hostels. Everyone is in terror. But the fight is still on. But this is how a medical student who entered in the field with determination to help mankind is forced to become insensitive. KINDLY WATCH ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHS. And extend support by sharing it.

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