Does anyone find that the longer (and better)

Does anyone find that the longer (and better) they are into their rehab that it’s actually beneficial to not work out etc as much? That pushing it becomes detrimental?

I’m about 16 weeks old out, pretty happy with my progress but I’m still going to the pool to walk, stretch and work out 3 times a day, going to the actual gym once a day and working out in my home gym (treadmill/bike) once or twice a day all for 30-45 minutes each

By night time I’m super sore and hard to bend and move etc…


That sounds like quite a lot. The more I progress the harder the exercises become and I’m leaning more and more towards a workout day (with lifting and jumping) followed by a recovery day. On recovery day I only do stretches, walking and sometimes some light running.

Im 16 weeks PO ACL with Patella graph and meniscus repair- my PT told me to workout with higher intensity (weights & running) 3x a week and the other days I do stretching/walking/yoga

My PT dropped some of my exercises to 3 days a week to give my body a rest. I still have many assigned 7 days a week at 4 1/2 months post op

I have cut my PT workout days from 7 to 4 a week at about 10 weeks because I needed some rest days (it takes about 3 hours to do all the excercises on those 4 days).

Now I m 14 weeks post op - more everyday mobile and those rest days include longer walks, 1/2 hour on a stationary bike and some streching.

I’m 13 weeks po and my pt said one time daily for at home exercises is fine. I do a lot of walking and other activities through the day. Take it easy. You want to push it, but not so much your hitting muscle fatigue multiple times a day! Good luck! Sounds like you’re making good progress!