Does CKD cause Hypercalcemia?

Does CKD cause Hypercalcemia? As body can’t get rid of Ca by urinary excretion? CKD can cause hypocalcemia by defective Vit D formation but can it cause the opposite too?

CKD would typically cause hypocalcemia due to increased phosphate and decreased renal prod of 1,25vit d. This would lead to hypocalcemia because it’s all being deposited into tissues and bones

Mgt is to lower phosphorus with non ca binders like sevelamer and give synthetic vit d and ca, which would then in turn lower the ongoing pth stimulation

Ckd hypercalcemia is a much rarer occurence and typically seen in dialysis or transplant ptients

So key point.

Early stage ckd they will have hyper ca

Late stage ckd hypocalcemia