Does egg trigger eczema?

Does egg trigger eczema?
Can egg allergy develop suddenly?

Allergies change as you age. As far as I’m aware eczema is triggered by all types of allergies.

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which reliable website does this

I used to be mildly allergic to eggs, developed it out of nowhere and now I am deathly allergic. If youre allergic/sensitive to a certain food, chances are it can trigger eczema.

I think it is time to purchase food sensitivity kit

i dont know how accurate those are because even lab tests can give false positives. I suggest getting actual lab tests done though, then if there is chance of a false positive, elimination diets or food challenge in the doc’s office can help identify the trigger food. Sensitivity is not the same as allergy, so you could be sensitive to milk for example and you get intestinal issues, but you wont get eczema. Whereas, if you actually are allergic to milk, it can cause eczema.

Yes it can my son when he was 2 he got a very bad allergic reaction to eggs, now he is outgrow his allergy from eggs. He is 6 now

Yes my daughter after eating it will suddenly have a rash as results I stopped her from eating it

Allergies can change over time. The same is true of intolerances and sensitivities. An allergic reaction is an immune-system response. An intolerance/sensitivity is not. The symptoms can be similar (rashes, indigestion, etc.), but only an allergy will show on an allergy test.

As mentioned by another poster, your best bet is to do an elimination diet and/or food challenge under the guidance of a doctor. Food sensitivity tests can be inaccurate. Sometimes, they can’t tell the difference between recently eaten and problematic foods.