Does percentile matter in Gts?

Does percentile matter in Gts?
I am getting different scores everytime, but percentile is around 95%…Is it good?
I mean,shall I focus/worried more about scores or percentile?

Yes its so serious matter…

95 percentile is not so good

It’s a good score

Keep improving

If u want to be undr top 20k,u hv to be above 99 percentile,work hardr u ll achieve ur dream.

Are you asking or telling… Just take care of us poor people too.

Asking brother… Asked what came to my mind… Here everyone is busy trolling!

That is a very bad percentile …you need to seriously work hard if you want to crack neet pg… Actually it would have been better for you not to go fr post graduate rather pursue theatres or bollywood i guess… Alo d bst wrk hard

Thank you everyone for trolling… What else can I say!

I wrote this post with a very clean mind… By this I neither meant to show off nor to hurt or provoke anyone’s feelings!

I am sorry anyway !