Does this happen a lot? And SM is rife with patients pinning expensive healthcare on doctors

Does this happen a lot? And SM is rife with patients pinning expensive healthcare on doctors.

The most unique point i got is a hospital charging a patient more for difficult cannulation in some thousands…

U created more discomfort by poking and he needs to payfr it

all these things are the results of corruption. People blame doctors for bills while the real culprit runs away. Ours is a seriously corrupt country.

Chicken bought at 200 rupees per Kilo, is being sold at JW Marriott for 800 rupees per plate and a single plate contains maybe 200g of chicken. So Marriott is basically selling chicken at a huge premium.

1 plate chicken is available at my govt college hostel canteen for 30 rupees as well

Now none is forcing you to go to Marriott and eat. But if you do plan to eat, you need to shell that premium. And the fun part for Marriott is none questions their prices.

Food for thought, isnt it ?? How over billing is always associated with corporate hospitals and never with five star hotel chains, or luxury brands. A Calvin Klein shirt costs above of ₹7000 and a peter england costs 1200. None is asking you to buy a CK but if you want to , you have to pay.

Similarly Apollo and Medanta and the likes are here for business. They need a return on investment of the huge edifice that they have made. Am not apologetic even a bit for my opinion here

but sadly healthcare isn’t shirt, shoes or caviar. A person doesn’t go bankrupt for a half decent clothes or meals but for healthcare can.

But As a consumer you can choose where to go for treatment. Don’t go to places that ‘overcharge’.

Nope, it is not always the case. At times this choice means compromised treatment. And more so with increased corporatization.

First of all, in india, you can’t sell above mrp. And retailer have right to ask for mrp cost and he isn’t obliged to offer discounts.

So if there’s a concept of mrp, and every person knows the margin in medical products is huge, why is govt allowing that practice?

Infact govt is instead capping doctor’s charges.

Public blames doctor for bills.

And i do feel pharma in india is very big. They control everything. A iol which a ophthalmologist sell for 20k is procured by him at just 4-5k(sometimes even less). But printed mrp is 20k, so he has every legal right to sell it at 20k. He does a cataract surgery for 35k, so 15k for surgery and 15k for lens, so for every cataract surgery he earns about 25-30k.

Govt never tried to control the pharma and medical equipment manufacturers. Because they’re too big for them, but doctors charges are being controlled.

The hospital is not actually selling the syringe. It is selling a service related to the use of that syringe. A doctor is paid for writing prescription that involves use of that syringe, a nurse is paid for injection, for monitoring the pt for ADR, Cotton and spirit was also not free, a sweeper is paid for cleaning if anything, some agency is paid for proper disposal of that waste. Lots of things come together to make the use of that syringe safe and effective for that patient. These hospitals are govt registered business entities and govt taxes them at every possible step. They have the right to charge, corporate is not about humanity, it’s about a successful business only. Things are not that easy bro.