Doing pg is must now... MBBS is saturated

Doing pg is must now… MBBS is saturated…with so many seats no job for MBBS…Dark days of medical graduates

And more so surgical branches should be taken, it is comparatively less saturated.

It would had been the darkest hour on earth wen u were born

Guys whoever this profile is, speaks the truth.Stop abusing him/her always.

Dark days for ppl who have entered Medical by backdoor …!!

Talent wins always no matter abt saturation (my personal experience post PG)…

Be with govt job and do pg preparation

What is the usual procedure to enroll for a govt job

Even pg is getting saturated in 2-3 years … Covid gave some gap that’s it

Everything is saturated in a country of 150 crore population.

Being an human also is becoming saturated , shall we become something else ?

After pg you will get to know u are again standing on the same position…

Then u will think of superspecialization !!

This because the xams r jst over… After d councelling strts job vacancies wl automatically come out

Yes mbbs is saturated…pg will saturate after 4-5 year… and DM/MCH after 10 year

Even no job for pg also. Scope of private practice is zero