Don't worry if something goes in the eye. Relax your eye with these easy ways

Don’t worry if something goes in the eye. Relax your eye with these easy ways.

Normally, nature has put a natural mechanism inside a human being that protects the human eye from outer surroundings and dust, including eyelashes and tears that keep the eyes washing-but sometimes somewhat. The external particles accidentally enter the eye, causing not only severe eye pain, but repeatedly itching causes a delicate eye injury and even eye wastage. Risk also arises-we will tell you what steps to take immediately in such a situation -

1: Wash your hands well with soap

If something goes in the eye, the hand of a man is unnecessarily forwarded to his eye, but before cleaning the eye with his own hands, the hands must first be cleaned because the eye is a delicate part and the hands are present. Germs can also cause an increase in eye pain - so in this case, first wash your hands thoroughly with soap, then sprinkle fresh water on the eye with hands so that if any dusty eye is around. Even if I have entered, he should be cleaned.

2: Blink again and again instead of rubbing the eyes

Rubbing the eyes with the hands fears that the particle in the eye and the rub may cause a wound in the eye rather than the blink of the eye again and again - because of the eye. The exiting water will pour this particle naturally and remove it out and this water of the eye will also relieve the jealousy and itching of the eye.

3: Rotate eye up and down fast

If something goes in the eye, move the eye loosers faster. This move of loose will bring the eye particle to the eye and out of the eye due to their move-so that the rubbish is not being processed. The reason the eye is afraid of minimal damage -

4: Help of ear cleaning mdd or q tip

If the particle in the eye is not coming out of all these measures, then the particle can be removed with the help of the Q tip. For it, raise the paputa of the eye that has lost it slowly. And gently turn the cotton part of the ear cleaning-in the eye-with this cotton it will stick to the particle and the eye will be cleared -

5: Soak the eye in water for a while

Take clean water in any open mouth vessel. It can be used with an open mouth bowl and soak the infected eye inside and blink repeatedly so water will clean the eye while going out inside. And the painful particle will come out -

6: Get help from a friend

Eye matter is a critical matter, and since the eye is the organ of vision, the person himself can assess the pain in the eye. Hence, it is necessary to treat the eye pain. Get help from a friend or deceptive person who can better help remove this particle -