Doomsday Saghri in Khyber Teaching Hospital and the hero of the nation

Doomsday Saghri in Khyber Teaching Hospital and the hero of the nation

Last night the supply was disconnected from the oxygen plant of Khyber Teaching Hospital, so many patients took their last breath of life in front of their loved ones. When they found out that oxygen has ended in the hospital and there is no other arrangement for oxygen supply, everyone was hopeless. It’s done, it was the season of Sagri, they started seeing their beloved living dead bodies, no one was able to understand what to do. At that time, someone informed about all these circumstances, former president and YD of Young Doctors Association Khyber Teaching Hospital. The current executive member of AKP was given to Dr. Sajid. Dr. Sajid ran straight to the doctor’s hostel and lost his life along with other members of his cabinet including Dr. Nasir, Dr. Bilal, Dr. Muzaffar, Dr. Owais and Dr. Falik. Entered Corona ward without caring.

Dr. Sajid and his team kept giving artificial breath of hands to many patients by putting ambulance bags and shifted them to the hospital emergency where they were saved due to some oxygen cylinders. For most patients, they called ambulance and gave them ambulance. I put on oxygen, and kept breathing to some patients until the supply of kisijin through ibambo bag. None of these patients was a relative of Dr. Sajid, no childhood friend, no acquaintance and no isolation ward. It was Dr. Sajid’s duty, but behind all these efforts, there was an activist, and he was a passion for his profession and serving patients. If Dr. Sajid had not reached with his team at that time, he would not have known how many of his loved ones. We would have separated from him, of course, in this difficult time, Allah sent Dr. Sajid as an angel. Of course, Dr. Sajid and all the doctors like him are our heroes and our


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