Dr. Devi shetty, I really want to know who are those other experts who suggested

Dr. Devi shetty, I really want to know who are those other experts who suggested

r. Devi shetty, I really want to know who are those other experts who suggested these absurd postponement things to the Government. It’s not like if you postpone the exams for 4months in place of 2 or so, everyone will jump to join the duties. My friend circle & some juniors to whom I talk are all preparing for this exam seriously, as the Govt promised nothing about grace marks or reservation for covid doctors almost none of them is willing to join duty.

But I was all set to join a duty in a private sector & I would have joined that even if the exam shifted to June/July. But one of my friends who works in a private setup, his colleague, who is also of our batch, got covid in his workplace(in spite of taking a complete dose of vaccines & infected with Covid last year), admitted in the same hospital & expired after 21 days. His parents lost their child and that same corporate hospital made a bill for their own doctor in lacs. And this story scares me.

Why hasn’t the Govt promised anything about the treatment cost of their beloved Covid warriors?

If a bed in a private hospital costs 4.5-5lacs for a 7 days package which I can’t afford, what’s the use of that bed?

Last year I worked in a Govt covid exclusive hospital for 8 months & the hospital promised me if I got infected they will provide me a bed in that hospital only. Why all of a sudden we see so many doctors even in Aiims is having so much trouble to just get admitted in the same ward where they used to treat patients, what’s the take of Govt on that is not so clear.

If you can’t give us marks in NEET or free/subsidized treatment or can’t promise us a bed in Govt hospital then at least give us some extra money, but the Govt haven’t spoken a word about that also.

They will only give you Covid national samman if you worked 100 days in covid ward😂. Who gives a damn about your samman ? And even that samman thing isn’t correct. The people who work in a non-covid hospital are at equal or higher risk of getting Covid in their workplace because patients don’t have RAT kits at their home. Covid patients also come to these Non-Covid hospitals 1st & doctors there don’t wear a PPE suit. So are equally deserving of that samman if not more. Earlier, I also worked 8 months in Covid ward & I’m sure there are many others like me also. Yeh kaisa niyam hai bhai ki ajj se 100 days karo, pehle ka Covid Covid nehi tha kya? “Sada kutta kutta, tauda kutta Tommy?”

I think it’s utterly disheartening & discouraging for people like us who come from a middle class family who can’t afford to sit and study in their home for eternity nor intelligent enough to get my desired rank with a job. I feel lost.