Dr tahni patel Hello People

Dr tahni patel
Hello People,
I want to share my match journey with all of you, for multiple reasons but mainly because I couldn’t find any solid guidance for my specific situation.
I graduated medical school in July 2018 and moved to the states- I didn’t have work and all that I was supposed to do is study- I hit a wall and fell into deep clinical depression (far away from family and no friends). My partner was very adamant that the solution to all my problems is getting rid of the weights that is step 1. So 6 months into studying and battling severe depression I did my step 1 exam- I passed but with the worst possible score on earth-198.
This was the point where I had no idea what to do or how to approach the situation altogether- Long story short- I started doing research day and night! Did as many poster presentations as humanly possible. Worked on multiple projects- it was all unpaid.
In August I did step 2- I did much much much better and raised my score to 240. (I studied for it for 6 weeks) I initially thought I won’t apply to 2020 match, but my partner had very strong arguments of why I should apply this year (Best freaking person to have!!). I applied to the match Sep 15,2019 to 350+ INTERNAL MEDICINE PROGRAMS. I just thought I had to give this my all and not hold back one inch. I contacted every human being I knew. I was super honest about my situation and even in my personal statement, I talked about my step score.
I received 9 interviews, I attended them all and ranked all. I matched into my 5th choice at a UNIVERSITY PROGRAM in the city I’m currently living in so I don’t even have to move!!! I didn’t put it number one because I didn’t think they would even rank me.
During interviews: I was very straightforward and even if PDs didn’t talk about my step 1- I would bring it up (i.e when they ask about a difficult time in my life, or how do I deal with challenges) I always found a way to integrate how badly I did in step 1 and how it was a launching pad for me to do better moving forward.
I was a wreck for more than a year- I didn’t see any lights and no tunnels. I just kept going because I had no other choice! It was either this or nothing at all. Mental health is an issue and rarely do people talk about it. Things happen when we least expecting them.
I won’t give the B.S. of how things always work out eventually- I’m just here to say keep trying because maybe something good will eventually happen.
Be honest
Don’t make excuses- I did bad in step 1- not because of my depression but a part of it was that- but I took full responsibility and I said it.
Talk to people and don’t be ashamed
Having positive people around was crucial for me
Reach out to programs- send emails and explain
Send thank you emails
Keep true to why you wanted to do this in the first place.
I’m a US IMG
Good luck and may all the luck in the world be your companion!