Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon

Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon:1. All are true about Fuch’s uveitis except?
A. Both eyes involved
B. Acute granulomatous type
C. May be associated with HSV infection
D. Marked keratic precipitates

[07/12 10:04 am] Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon: 2. Which of the following used as a treatment option for orbital infarction syndrome?
A. Subcutaneous heparin
B. Oral aspirin
C. Oral prednisolone
D. I.M Dexamethasone

[07/12 10:19 am] Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon: 3. All are features of IgG4-realted disease except?
A. Lymphoplasmacytic infiltrator lesions
B. Usually occurs in children
C. Usually orbit, adnexal tissues involved
D. Equal gender preponderance

[07/12 10:38 am] Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon: 4. All are true about AION except?
A. Occurs due to occlusion of short posterior ciliary arteries
B. Associated with inferior altitudinal hemianopic defect
C. Non-arteritic type associated with GCA
D. Hypertension is common risk factor

[07/12 10:41 am] Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon: 5. All are true about optic neuritis except?
A. Presence of pulfrich phenomenon
B. Uthoff sign
C. Reduced visual acuity
D. Normal VEP

[08/12 9:51 am] Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon: 6. Which of the following principle Nd-YAG capsulotomy works
A. Photocoagulation
B. Photoablation
C. Photo disruption
D. Photo toxic

[08/12 9:55 am] Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon: 7. Which of the following increases uveo-scleral outflow except?
A. Latanoprost
B. Epinephrine
C. Brimonidine
D. Mannitol

[08/12 9:56 am] Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon: 8. What is the wavelength of femtosecond laser
A. 514nm
B. 1604nm
C. 1053nm
D. 714 nm

[08/12 9:59 am] Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon: 9. According to WHO guidelines, blindness means visual acuity less than
A. 5/60
B. 4/60
C. 3/60
D. 2/60

[08/12 10:01 am] Dr Vasanth Eye surgeon: 10. Amphotericin B active against following fungus except?
A. Candida
B. Aspergillus
C. Histoplasma
D. Cryptococcus