Drugs causes hepatic damage

Drugs causes hepatic damage = SHAMPO
S= Statin+Sodium valprote
H= Halothane
A= Amiodarone+Anti TB +Alcohol
M= Methyldopa
P= Paracetamol + Phenytoin
O= Oral antibiotics ( nitrofurantion)

Pt diagnosed as paracetamol overdose, received N_ acetyl cystine, after 5 min of infusion developed facial flushing and rash
What’s first next step?

  1. Decrease rate of infusion
  2. Give pt antihistamine
  3. Stop the IV infusion for short period
  4. Give oral methionine
  5. Continue on IV infusion

Drug induced pancytopenia = C4 GPS
C=Cytotoxic drugs

Pearls 4 MRCP:
#Diagnosis of metabolic syndrome at least 3 of the following:

  1. Elevated waist circumference : men > 102 cm, women > 88 cm
  2. Elevated triglycerides : >1.7 mmol/L.
  3. Reduced HDL : < 1.03 mmol/L in males and < 1.29 mmol/L in females.
  4. Raised blood pressure:>130/85 mmHg, or active treatment of hypertension.
  5. Raised fasting plasma glucose >5.6 mmol/l(10 mg/dl) or previously diagnosed T2DM.

A 25-year-old man with a history of Crohn’s disease is reviewed in clinic. Over the past week he has developed painful perianal ulcers. On examination numerous shallow ulcers can be seen with a small number of skin tags. What is the most appropriate first-line treatment?

Topical mesalazine
Oral metronidazole
Barrier creams + laxatives
Oral prednisolone
Oral mesalazine

Bacterial infections Vs tuomors
Salmonella typhi = ca gallbladder
Chlamydia pneumonia = ca lung
Mycoplasma = ca prostate
H.pylori = MALT lymphoma +stomach ca( but protect against ca esophagus)
Streptococcus bovis = colorectal ca

Which of the following conditions would not be a contraindication to the combined oral contraceptive pill?

1.Pulmonary hypertension
2.Dubin Johnson Syndrome
3.Clotting disorders
4.Severe migraines

Which of the following are post menopausal woman likely to develop?

1.Reduced thrombotic risk
2.Increased risk of osteoporosis
3.Reduced risk of Osteoporosis
4.Reduced likelihood of IHD
5.Reduced risk of Alzheimers disease