Due to Donnan-Gibbs effect?

Due to Donnan-Gibbs effect?
a) Concentration of K. is greater in ECF
b) Concentration of cl is greater in ECF
c) Total ions are more in ICF
d) All are true
Correct Answer - C
Ans. C. Total ions are more in ICF
[Ref Principles of medical physiology p.7]
Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium:
The mammalian cells (intracellular fluid) contains non-diffusible
anion like proteins and organic phosphate where as K’ and Cl- are
diffusible cation and anion, respectively.
The ECF contains 1K+ and Cl- as diffusible cation and anion
Due to Gibbs-Donnan equilibrium :-
Concentraion of Cl- is greater in ICF than ECF (concentration of
diffusible cation is greater in compartment with non-diffusible anion).
Concentration of Cl is greater in ECF than ICF.
Total number of ions is greater in ICF than ECF.
All these effects help to maintain the shape and volume of cells by
distributing diffusible ions across the membrane according to
physiological demand.