Durg (CG) and i have got the AIR 3472 in recently concluded NEETPG 2021

Hello my fellow doctors and respected faculties, myself Dr. Apoorv. I am a student of 2013 batch of CM Medical college, Durg (CG) and i have got the AIR 3472 in recently concluded NEETPG 2021. I know it’s not one of those magical single/double digits ranking, but I think our life will be much more easier if we start appreciating the things we have achieved rather than regretting for things we haven’t and that’s why I am writing this post. Moreover for a guy who was at AIR 116000 and coming all the way to AIR 3472 is nothing less than an achievement for me. I am writing this post to express my gratitude to the team of marrow for developing such a wonderful application for pg aspirants. 2020 and 2021 were year full of dilemmas and uncertainties, there were times where people cant even avail themselves a pen(due to lockdown) and yet Marrow was able to provide such awesome classes and test series. Every faculty of marrow is the best of thier respective fields one can get at one place. I would like to thank

Manisha Sinha Budhiraja mam:- there wasn’t a single instance where i had to refer back to the videos to relearn the forgotten concepts or topics. The way you explained the anatomy aspects of ENT was so effective that I can’t forget those.

Krishna Kumar Solaiappan sir:- enjoyed every single minute of making physiology notes from your classes sir, your concept building is second to none.

Abbas Ali sir:- ortho has been one strong subject of mine right from the start of my prep. And all thanks to you sir.

Mukhmohit Singh sir:- The biostats and screening part of PSM have always scared me in my UG days but during my prep these same dreaded topics were my strengths, and credits must go to you sir.

Sakshi Arora Hans mam:- you and abbas sir were the reason I chose marrow as my preparation tool, And I must say I did the right thing.Enjoyed your lectures and had no issues learning those tough concepts of obgyn.

Rebecca James mam:- again a subject feared by many, but you explained it with such ease.

Rohan Khandelwal sir:- your classes on surgery are the best. Always felt confident while attempting any mcqs on surgery.

I have given few Gts from other platforms but i can say this without a doubt that marrow’s GT are the best. Ever changing patterns and always challenging to attempt , a perfect tool to assess your preparation.

At last, even though I am no motivational speaker, but would like to tell you two things which I felt have to be the essentials to crack this exam apart from a good strategy i.e self belief and consistency. What I mean by self belief is, I ranked 116000 in NEET20, 14000 in INICET(NOV), 8800 in INICET(july). Even after getting these ranks i used to tell myself that the my turn is yet to come and when it does all these efforts will worth it. Secondly about consistency, I believe that there’s no hard and fast rule that one must give a particular amount of time to excel in this exam. It doesn’t matter if you are giving 10hrs a day or 12hrs a day what matters is you’re putting this same amount of hrs everyday throughout your prep. You keep this two things in check and half of the battle is won.

I hope the respected faculties will accept my gratitude, and somebody will find this post helpful in any way possible down the line. It’s been a journey to remember with marrow. Thank you for everything.