During neet exam I was in time. Was asked to go to 1st floor

During neet exam I was in time. Was asked to go to 1st floor. Details from admit card were checked 3 times till then from point of entry. After I went to the counter for biometric nd what ever formality they do, she entered my name twice it said " Doesn’t exist " . Asked me to go other counter. She was least interested took almost 15 min there but again it was saying doesn’t exist. Finally went to senior official. They asked is it first floor only. I said yes. They re checked the details on admit card. Then again went to 1st counter. Asked her to fill the roll no instead of name. And then all details appeared. It took almost 35-40 min. Lit my mind was blank nd I was almost in tears. Then I brought my self back ki this shudnt hamper the exam. Though I know many people suffer bigger issues during exam. Nd 1 shud be prepared for it. But may be a lil concern shud be there towards students.

During examination my computer screen was totally discoloured, I was not able to see images properly, X-rays were appearing just merely black and I couldn’t see any finding or anything. I complained but they told that as exam has already started they couldn’t do anything.