Dynamic compression of airways!

There is a concept called Dynamic compression of airways !!
Sir i cannot understand it … whether it is the air trapping which puts pressure on adjacent airways causing their compression
Or is the compression at the level of airways that causes air trapping
Or is it explained by some other explanation which i m not able to reach upto !!
Please tell sir

Dynamic airway compression occurs when the pressure surrounding the airway exceeds the pressure within the airway lumen. Dynamic collapse of the intrathoracic airways occurs during forced exhalation when intrapleural pressure exceeds pressures within the intrathoracic airway lumen. Dynamic compression occurs during inhalation in the external nares, pharynx, and larynx because pressure within the airways is subatmospheric and the airways are surrounded by atmospheric pressure. Contraction of the abductor muscles of the nares, pharynx, and larynx during inhalation is necessary to prevent collapse of these regions.

Thank you.