E only gram-positive organism produce endotoxin?

  1. e only gram-positive organism produce endotoxin?

  2. How to Confirm Dx of HSV encephalitis?

  3. --------used prior to surgery to prevent S aureus wound infections?

  4. hemorrhagic mediastinitis plus skin necrosis Dx?

  5. Conditions with TB inf Required steroids for 12 months?

  6. Legionnaires disease Treat with …?

  7. HSV, when we do CS in preg mom?

  8. Organs involved in Bacillary angiomatosis?

  9. what Time is taken for SJS or TEN to Appear After exposure to the offending agent?

  10. … is Painful, raised inflammatory lesions of subcutaneous fat (panniculitis), usually on anterior shins?

  11. which skin conditions should be treated in the burn unit besides burns?

  12. -------------------- has been associated with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, Parkinson disease, a number of other neurologic disorders, and use of neuroleptic medications?

  13. dimpling sign is seen in …?

  14. Individuals traveling to North Africa: Vaccination?