ECG on PSVT.. Pt is stable.. Mgmt?

ECG on PSVT… Pt is stable… Mgmt?

  • dc cardiovedsion

  • adenosine

Q- Serology of Chronic Hep B

Options were combination of +/- HbsAg, Anti Hbs antibody, HBV dna, Anti Hbc

Q- definition of UTI

Q- wrong about the treatment of acute pyelonephritis in a pregnant female

One option was use of colloid… Tht was wrong

Q- which is not used for emergency treatment of hyperkalemia

  • IV cal gluconate

  • neb with salbutamol

  • insulin in dextrose drip

  • (this was the answer 😅)

Incorrect about HIV

  • start prophylaxis for MAC if CD count < 50

  • start prophylaxis for PCP if CD cound < 200

  • stop treatmemt for PCP if two consecutive CD count > 350

  • start prophylaxis for cryptococcus if CD count < 150 (it was cryptococcus Or cryptosporidiosis I don’t remember exactly)

Q- flow volume loop

Q calculate gfr… 4 yr old boy… 15 kg… Urea 100 creat 1.

  • 80