Eleven types of food that naturally opens the heart whale (arteries)

Eleven types of food that naturally opens the heart whale (arteries)…

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  1. Fish: Fish meat with omega 3 oil prevents the formation of heart whales plates.

  2. polk (sponge): Rich is folic acid and potassium and very useful for high blood pressure. And prevents cholesterol formation. And protects heart failure correctly and continuously.

  3. Garlic: The benefits of garlic are many in medicine and are used to treat different diseases, garlic is very useful for high blood pressure and heart disease. And research has shown that garlic is very useful because of heart arteries.

  4. Crane Berry juice (fruit type): Juice Crane Berry prevents heart whales.

  5. Olive oil: Olive oil is very useful for preventing cholesterol. And researchers have shown that olive oil prevents the formation of LDL cholesterol and negative cholesterol by having special perfumes.

  6. Roman eggplant (cultural tomatoes): With a lot of lyquin, it prevents heart whales, and research has shown that eating Roman eggplant raw prevents heart disease and whales.

  7. Joe: Contains a solution that prevents the formation of cholesterol in the body.

  8. Pomegranate: Their heads are from antacidans. The only fruit is very strong in preventing the whales of the heart.

9-8.: Kiwi and watermelon (watermelon): You can heal the whales of your heart by eating kiwi and watermelon daily.

  1. Grapes: It is full of flanoids, rasoratrol and querstin that plays an important role in preventing acid and cholesterol and heart whales.

11-four brain is very useful. 6 charm brain is recommended in the morning before food.

By the way, don’t forget to exercise.