Embassy in Paris summarizes the epidemic of Covid-19 virus in France 🇫🇷 as follows

Embassy in Paris summarizes the epidemic of Covid-19 virus in France :fr: as follows.

  1. record Tuesday 9 June Sep 2563 (14.00 pm ))
  • Total of 154,591 infected patients from Test PCR examination (403 increase)

  • Healing at the hospital 11,961 people are 169 new patients with the number of patients treated at the hospital. Reduced from the previous day for 354 (consecutively on the 15th) and healed from the hospital. Already 71,506 (463 more)

  • 955 bad condition. 15 new patients. It is the 62th day in a row that the total of patients has decreased from the previous day (69 people) and the first time there were less than 1,000 patients.

  • Died at the hospital. 18,912 (53 increase) and 18,912 deaths at nursing homes and at social medical centers (établissements médico-sociaux) 10,384 (increased from 2 June Oh, my God. The number of 34 people by Kor. Public Health will update more information next week) ** Total 29,296 deaths (87 increase) **

2. Economic growth forecasts

French central bank expects that French economy will be able to return to normal condition (before Covid-19 crisis) in 2565 with growth rate. Decreased in 2563, 10.3 per cent before adjusting to 6.9 per cent in 2564 and 3.9 per cent in 2565 and expected nearly 1 million unemployed in 2563 Unemployment rate up to 11.8 per cent in mid 2564, which will be historically highest rate.
3. Impacts of Covid-19 Crisis on Hotel Industry

The French hotel industry continues to be affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Although it has never been ordered to be closed during lockdown measures, most hotels need to be closed due to lack of customers in sufficient amount of capital. (Normally, there must be. About 25-30 % of customers are worth the opening) with hotel guests across France in early June. Oh, my God. Average only 24 per cent (only 7 per cent in Paris and 28 per cent in other areas in France)

Paris hotels are affected specially because of the lack of foreign tourists who are main customers of Paris and perimeter hotels. 56 % of total hotel guests and in the summer of 2562, American nationality customers. 9 % stays in hotels in Paris and British perimeter. 6 % Chinese, 3 % and 1.5 % Japanese. But French official still doesn’t open borders for foreign tourists to enter the country (at least until 15 June 15 . Oh, my God. ))

Accor group, the largest hotel in Europe, says that they have opened only 60 % of France’s hotel (from 1,573 hotels) and are gradually opening more hotels. The hotel expects to be opened. 70 % in early July July

Moreover, many hotels have begun to have measures to build confidence for customers about preventing the epidemic of Covid-19, several hotels in Lille have confirmed that they follow the guidance to prevent the epidemic of Pasteur City Lille Institute including practices. Public Health, Spacing and Protection of Air Conditioning and Air Transfer.

Incidentally, the government has offered local corporations respite from charging tax of corporate lands (cotisation foncière payée par les entrprises-CFE) to entrepreneurs in hotel, restaurants, tourism and event. It will delay the taxation until 15 Dec. July
4. Aviation Industry Assistance Plan

On 9 June Oh, my God. French government has announced a 1.5 billion euro French aviation industry aid plan which includes financial aid to Air France-KLM Airlines of 7 billion Euro. Development fund starts at 500 million Euro, which will gradually increase to 1 Billion Euros and Funds to help support the use of robots and digital technology cuddle million Euros. These two fund targets SMEs to support French aviation industry (both PME and ETI) and 1.5 subsidy. Billion Euros for research to reduce aircraft CO2 gas in the next three years too.

Also, Kor. French Defense has delayed the order of military aircraft earlier this year, especially 3 Airbus A330 8 Caracal helicopters and small aircraft and drone for water surveillance worth 600 million Euro. Or 5 percent of the budget, procurement of military equipment and Kor. Maha Thai France will also order about 200 million euro airplanes