ENT Ear Nose Throat: AIIMS NOV 2013

Q-1.Topical steroids should not be given for
a) Post antrochoanal surgery
b) After surgery for chronic rhino-sinusitis
c) After surgery for multiple ethmoid polyps
d) After surgery for fungal sinusitis

Answer: Post antrochoanal surgery

Q-2.True statement regarding tonsillectomy in children except
a) Crico-thyroid region is high and anterior in children than adults
b) Adenoidectomy can be done at the same time if significantly enlarged
c) Sleep apnea is an indication for tonsillectomy
d) Extra-capsular approach is better done by cold approach

Answer: Extra-capsular approach is better done by cold approach

Q-3.The part of the cochlear implant inserted inside ear during surgery is
a) Receiver stimulator
b) Speech processor
c) Microphone
d) Transmitter coil

Answer: Receiver stimulator
Parts of the cochlear implant:
The implant is surgically placed under the skin behind the ear. The basic parts of the device include:
One or more microphones which picks up sound from the environment
A speech processor which selectively filters sound to prioritize audible speech, splits the sound into channels and sends the electrical sound signals through a thin cable to the transmitter,
A transmitter, which is a coil, held in position by a magnet placed behind the external ear, and transmits power and the processed sound signals across the skin to the internal device by electromagnetic induction,
A receiver and stimulator secured in bone beneath the skin, which converts the signals into electric impulses and sends them through an internal cable to electrodes
An array of up to 22 electrodes wound through the cochlea, which send the impulses to the nerves in the scala tympani and then directly to the brain through the auditory nerve system.