ENT vs anaesthesia No branch preference as such

ENT vs anaesthesia
No branch preference as such
If anybody could help !

Ent. - pros-- opd plus surgery, steady inflow of patients, super speciality, fellowship, good work life balance, less medicolegal, good recognition…

Cons- long learning curve, some neck cases and thyroid operated by general surgeons, emergency tracheostomy and fb may be called anytime.

Anes- pros- short learning curve, will hv vast exposure to emergency medicine and critical care, instant gratification.

Cons- ceiling of income, dependency, night shifts, lack of recognition, poor work life balance , more medicolegal.

P.s- I would request ppl to not compare branches based on income and scope. Every branch is important for survival of patients and optimum care. And dont mess with anesthesiologists, they know every nook and corner of the hospital.

then if you know what happens in what… Then you should also know which branch will suit you in the future. And the matter of career prospects is good in every branch, it depends on how much effort you can put on you.

that’s a sarcastic comment bro. I know very well what happens in which branch. Nobody asked your opinion if I am correct or not. So if you think you have better idea about these branches than anyone kindly share it by tagging the author himself.