Epidermal nevus follows?

Epidermal nevus follows ?
a) Blaschko’s lines
b) Langer’s lines
c) Vasculature
d) Lymphatics
Correct Answer - A
Ans. A. Blaschko’s lines
Blaschko’s lines correspond to the pathways followed by
keratinocytes migrating from the neural crest during embryogenesis.
Lines of Blaschko represent non-random lines of development of
Epidermal nevus follow the Blaschko’s line
The skin lesions that follow the Blaschko’s lines are -

  1. Pigmented disorders:- Nevus achromicus (including Hypomelanosis
    of ito), Epidermal nevus (Nevus sebaceous, Inflammatory linear
    verrucous nevus).
  2. X-linked genetic skin conditions:- Incontinentia pigmenti, CHILD
  3. Acquired inflammatory skin rashes:- Lichen striatus, Lichen planus,
    lupus erythematosus.
  4. Chimerism