Even my new gt score is 68

Even my new gt score is 68

Bro don’t get depressed with all these things , my professor told me when I was in 3rd year ,things will happen in this world don’t lose ur heart , It doesn’t matter if u don’t get pg seat ,u r in that position where most of the person are dreaming of being a doctor,be happy bro 👍 ,hope my words motivate u

I had given neet 3 times. All three times I got a rank enough to get me any seat except medicine which I really wanted as I had eye problems. . But I kept trying. But I dint get medicine even in the 3rd attempt. I dint want a donation seat. So I realised if I cannot get medicine md /dnb I must broaden my options. And look at the several options that it opens to. So I chose anesthesia. It is like medicine but in an OT setting. It is a very vast subject, involves procedures, requires focus. It is interesting. I was able to do well in anesthesia despite my eye problems although I have had a long learning curve. So I had to cut down my expectations from myself. So don’t get depressed. You must be open to more options. If you lose interest there is no point studying and wasting one more year. All subjects are interesting when you study them in depth. You must be more open to options and chose the field that destiny has in store for you. Go with a positive attitude. You will do well whichever field you chose.

Gt scores doesn’t decide your exam marks… ofcourse GT helps in giving exams,. It is a form of study material and practice material. Don’t take that seriously. If the gt is easy you get good marks… if gt is tough you get bad marks. That’s it. Take care of your mental health. Jolly ah padinga bro. Daily 1-2 hrs of study itself will give you more confidence. Just increase the study time slowly. Watch a movie, series, videos or go out for some time. Rely on a easy and simple source. Just start seeing revision videos… precise and most concepts are also covered… you can finish it in 17 days or less if you spend 10hrs per day. Then watch again and again. Just do it passively if you don’t feel like studying. Watch image based discussion and MCQ discussion videos too…it will give you more courage to attend more mcqs. Afterall this is a 3.30 hours game. Study smart and relax yourself.

99 marks aur 99 correct que sryy im asking this becoz i also got the same result??

i guess 99 correct questions

if u really want to take a break a break then join state medical services as medical officer that is also a good and a life time job and also u will earm good in this

In what gt? In marrow mock image base gt? Den wait for result and see your percentile… And your perfomance is not evaluate on the basis of image base ques…

not Docturials

See your percentile. May b the ques were tough… Always see percentile… Not marks