Every year I get some clinical branch and I leave it including aiims

Every year I get some clinical branch and I leave it including aiims . My love is radiology . I fail to get it . The girl I loved and she loved me too but eventually left me , to get married to some MD guy . I begged her to wait but she didn’t. Left me abruptly and , blocked me from everywhere. She was south Indian and I was north indian . Said her parents would never accept.😞

Since then I have been on antidepressants .😞

Giving serious thoughts to suicide.

Sometimes it feels the best solution.

All problems vanishes , in an instant

Bhai I don’t know what kind of relationship u have , may b the best one but Bhai if she left u that means she never loved u.( Atleast she should have talked to her parents for u ) In a love their is no need of begging. Jisko jana hai vo jaegi hi chahe beg kr chahe kuch. It’s time u should focus on yourself bro. Abhi exam me time hai mourn krne me nikal de ya fir dobara books utha k baith jaa. Workout kr it gives u endorphins and enkephalins to cheer u up. Suicide for a girl that’s really not an idea that u should b having in your mind. What about your own life , ur goals , ur parents expectations. Ladki hi to gyi hai . Kya farak pdega. Time k sath sab bhool jaega. Interact with people. Distract yourself. Bro. Time heals everything.Be practical just a chapter left from your life but the rest of the life u wanted to have is same and within your hand only. So focus on things which u can change only. Have self respect and make your ego 10 times your height and don’t ever ever call her. Kam ni bhai tu kisi se… cheetah hai tu bhai apna ✌️✌️ bhai ek yahi problem nahi hai zindagi me ladki k alwa . Sabki life me bhot problems hai everyone is fighting their fight. Suicide is not and never an option. Chill maar aur goal achieve kr bhai .

People who dont stay with u in ur tough times never deserve you. Dont worry this is just a phase this too shall pass away

I know its very tough to accept it and painful that person you love deeply is no longer with you. but when u will accept it and move on believe me u will be more stronger than before. Dont try to contact her again as time passes by you will forget her. Take a break for few days and then start again. u will surely get radiology

Trust me dude, u got saved!! Kalko usko DM/M.Ch guy mil jyega toh extramarital v krskti h… so be thankful u are saved man. Thank u bolo god ko. N wait the girl of your life is coming. Abhi waise v corona mei dates pe nhi ja paoge. God is considerate. Isko khtam hone do ladki nhi mili toh batana. Tum jaise ladke logoko #wishlist mei h. So chill man. PG krlo…kyu ki woh kahi nhi jyeha akhri dam tak sath nibhayega 💯🌟

N kisidin woh palat ke wapas ayi toh muh pe sunana usko kasam se sukun boht ayega. N filhal ke surround ur life wd marrow/DBMCI/PREPLADDER/dams n time bache toh keep ur close friends closer. Dost sab milke hasnge n usko kosenge sath mei tab koi antidepressants ka zarurt nhi hota h woh khud ek dawai h.

N han suicide kabhi nhi. Kya tum bhoot banke picha krna chahte ho uska. Usko aur maza ayega ki dekha yeh ladka toh sach mei hara huya tha OR mast sa rank nikalo interview mei bulaynge tab world ke samne usko thanku boldena😏😜 she will get ur point n so will others

I can write so many things but nothing will effect you much. But yes i wud say one thing… U want to do suicide for someone or due to someone who didn’t even take a single minute to block you n you think ur life is so much dull being an MBBS that u want to do Suicide. Thts unacceptable.