Everyone in my family is telling i will not have good practice and telling me to take ped or obs

Everyone in my family is telling i will not have good practice and telling me to take ped or obs, bcoz i am girl.I want to do take med and then do DM.I am motivated…but everyone is telling me to take obs Or ped.I feel like crying.Really is practice not good for girls?I am new 15 batch WB, have no experience.plz help.This life is one, don’t want to live in regrets.Please help.Money i don’t care of that.I want satisfaction.i got 2.4k ur non ews.

You can be a great doctor irrespective of gender…never listen to stereotypes…shatter the ceiling

Please please please never ever compromise with your branch.

Your family members may have their heart in the right place but are totally misguiding you. There is nothing more pathetic than being stuck in a stream you are not passionate about.

Medicine is a great subject and there is absolutely no disadvantage of being a female practicing Gen Med or any of the subsequent superspeciality streams.

I knw lot of female MD medicine who are very successful gender has nthg to do with ur practise

Take med. U can practice everything. Dont listen to others. Your satisfaction is most important

pgs out of 4 DM residents in the place i did my neurology Peripheral posting were females. Hod, Professor and assistant professor all 3 were females. Gender really doesn’t matter if you are willing to put in the required efforts

Ask them to try to clear one internal assessment exam of mbbs exam before giving their expert opinion on everything

I’ve seen female doctors with MD General medicine and DM in different branches working as senior consultant in different corporate hospitals in kolkata successfully. Medicine is the most evergreen branch ever. If you have passion for this subject, don’t even compromise only because of others opinions. Listen to your heart. You can comfortably have a MD Medicine seat in WB.

Our medicine HOD is a woman.

She has done MD and DM and is a very respected figure in the entire city.

Take med . If anyone has doubt in failing of practice in Medicine then trust me peads and obsgynae are more difficult in terms of practice